The delivery specifications are for the video and sound exports and they are required for me to work fast and effectively on your material. Files can, depending on size, be delivered to me on a hard drive, through FTP, Wetransfer or Dropbox.

Please note the specs can vary depending on project size and delivery type, however in most cases the following points apply:


  1. Video ".mov" file using either the DNxHD (36), ProRes 422 (LT) or H.264 codec
  2. File names should include: work title, version number and export date
  3. Video file should include the Editor's soundtrack for sync and level reference purposes
  4. Timecode burn-in should be positioned so it doesn't obstruct view of actors lips or feet
  5. First frame of action should begin at 0X:00:00:00 where "X" denotes reel number
  6. Visible 2-pop, 2 seconds before FFOA for each reel
  7. EDL for video and audio should be included for each reel


  1. Sound for picture should be delivered as a referenced (not embedded) OMF/AAF
  2. File name should include: work title, version number and export date
  3. Organise tracks in your timeline to production sound, ADR, SFX and music
  4. If a clip has rendered audio effects, please include a clean duplicate on the next track
  5. A folder with the raw production sound should accompany the OMF/AAF
  6. The OMF/AAF export should include levels and fades
  7. Clips should be exported with infinite handle lengths or at least 10 seconds